Kuih Seri Muka (Sweet Malaysian Dessert) with Rash

Learn to make a sweet Malaysian coconut dessert with Rash on Saturday, June 12th at 7:30 PM EST

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Kuih Seri Muka is a sweet Malaysian dessert that is made from layers of gelatinous coconut rice and coconut custard, flavored with Pandan leaves.

Take a look at Rash's bio:

“I have had a lifelong affair with food - starting with my origins in Northern Borneo coupled with my South Asian heritage and South East Asian roots. I grew up surrounded by food lovers and with influences ranging from up in Punjab and across to Sulawesi - and that was just at home! By age 16, I was fortunate to have travelled most of the world which only added to my culinary tapestry - and continues to.

My mission is to demystify the art and alchemy of all things culinary! I believe that when we learn and practice the fundamentals properly, we'll be in the best position to elevate absolutely anything we create, at our pace, and to our liking and taste!

I currently reside in Australia and while I am not a chef by profession, I am committed to becoming informally what I term "An Acquired Chef" with the intention to contribute to all those who stand to benefit from my repertoire.

Food is love, love to cook, cook with love, love to feed.”


For the Bottom Layer… 


□ 400 g Glutinous rice 

100 ml Boiling Water 

Optional: Blue Butterfly Pea Extract 40-50 Blue Butterfly Pea flower  tea or 1 Metric Tsp (3 g) powder


□ 200 ml Water (or 100 ml only if  opting to make Blue Butterfly Pea  Extract) 

□ 150 ml Coconut Milk (NOT Cream)  

□ 1 Metric Tsp or 6 grams of salt □ Spray Oil (Coconut or Canola Oil) Optional: 

Banana leaves 

4 Pandan leaves 

For the Top Layer… 

Prep-Work: (if using Fresh / Frozen  Pandan Leaves

□ 16 Fresh / Frozen Pandan (Screwpine)  leaves or 1 Metric Tsp (3.5 ml) of Pandan  Essence 

□ 100 ml Water 

Optional: 2 Star Anise or 1 Metric Tsp (3 g)  of Star Anise powder 


□ 200 ml Water 

□ 200 ml Coconut Milk  

□ 1/4 Metric Tsp (1.5 g) Salt 

□ 3 to 4 large eggs (210 g) 

□ 150 g Ground Palm Sugar or Coconut Sugar 

□ 90 g Plain Flour (gluten free, if  preferred) 

□ 45 g Tapioca Flour 

□ Few Drops of Green Dye (if Pandan  Essence is colourless) 

□ Few Drops of Vanilla Essence (if using  Pandan Leaves) 

Optional: 1 Metric Tsp (3 g) of Star Anise  powder (if not using Pandan Leaves)

Here is a conversion calculator for quantities of ingredients: https://www.thecalculatorsite.com/cooking/grams-teaspoons.php


□ Kitchen Weighing Scale (for dry ingredients)  

□ Measuring jug (for wet ingredients) 

□ Chopsticks 

□ Whisk 

□ Spoon or Fondant Press (Optional) 

□ Rubber Spatula 

□ Small Sieve 

□ Large Sieve 

□ Blender 

□ Parchment / Baking Paper 

□ 20cm or 8-inch Square Cake Pan (without Removable Base) 

□ 2 Large Bowls 

□ Stovetop Bain Marie - Check out this video to create your own 

□ Stovetop Steamer like this one - Check out this video to create your own 

□ 20cm / 8-inch Round Cake Pan (without Removable Base) or Heatproof bowl fit for steamer

Prep Work Instructions:

In-Class instructions: